• Ambrose


    Well-Spoken Priest of Asura
  • Arisawe Ohnanerita

    Arisawe Ohnanerita

    Extremely beautiful Pict woman. She wears an otter pelt loincloth adorned with beads and feathers and a pair of otter-skin moccasins, likewise adorned with beaded patterns. She often paints her body in an alluring manner.
  • Balthazar


    Ruthless Barachan Pirate, former captain of the Dagon's Valour
  • Baraccus


    Tawny-haired fugitive ranger
  • Baron Timeon

    Baron Timeon

    Obese, big eyes, goatee
  • Constanus


    Bald Mitran Zealot
  • Countess Synelle

    Countess Synelle

    Blue eyes, red hair, beautiful
  • Daphnis


    Stout, sandy blonde hair, mustached Nemedian priest of Mitra
  • Dhak-Gnuul-Gorm, Dhakometri of Khemi

    Dhak-Gnuul-Gorm, Dhakometri of Khemi

    Exile from Stygia pursuing his rightful destiny through fair means or foul. Mostly foul.
  • Enaro


    White-skinned, dark-haired, full beard, guant, eyes reflect light with feral intensity
  • Galbro


    Sly, squinty-eyed, dark-featured, short, wiry
  • Gaulan


    Honorable Asuran Priest
  • Gault


    One-eyed Thandaran ranger in his middle years
  • General Iskandrian the White Eagle of Ophir

    General Iskandrian the White Eagle of Ophir

    White hair, brown eyes, muscular, battle-hardened
  • Katos


    Slender, graying black hair
  • King Valdric

    King Valdric

    Old, frail, dying
  • Lady Coelia

    Lady Coelia

    Extremely beautiful young noblewoman with lustrous hair that falls in waves past a warm face, over soft shoulders, and down a supple back. She has bright hazel eyes and full, soft lips. She usually wears a choker around her long neck.
  • Lady Julia

    Lady Julia

    Tall, dark eyes, silvery hair, slender, beautiful
  • Lord Nadanidus

    Lord Nadanidus

    Corrupt, power-hungry noble in the Cult of Set
  • Lord Taramenon

    Lord Taramenon

    Handsome, broad shoulders and chest, proud nose, black hair
  • Machk


    Shaman to the Paramount Chief of the Wolf Clan
  • Princess Raia

    Princess Raia

    Dusky-skinned young Stygian princess, with strikingly straight features. The daughter of Khemi's governor, Prince Tamuneb, has seen little of the world outside Khemi and is naive about the landscape beyond Stygia except what Priests of Set have told her
  • Publius


    elderly High Chancellor of Aquilonia in King Conan's court
  • Sagoyaga


    Paramount Chief of the Wolf Clan, Warlord of the Picts
  • Sir Gasparus, son of Gaspar, knight of the Barrie Grange

    Sir Gasparus, son of Gaspar, knight of the Barrie Grange

    Minor Aquilonian noble with a reputation of being a cruel master.
  • The Red Hawk

    The Red Hawk

    Beautiful, green eyes, red hair, high cheekbones