White-skinned, dark-haired, full beard, guant, eyes reflect light with feral intensity


6th level soldier
Hit Dice: 6d10+12 (45 hit points)
Initiative: +2 (+1 Dex, +1 Ref )
Speed: 25 ft.
Dodge Defence: 14 (+1 Dex, +3 base)
Parry Defence: 21 (+2 Str, +4 base, +1 parry, +4 shield)
DR: 7 (mail hauberk, steel cap)
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+8
Attack: +8 Heavy Mace (1d10+2, AP 6)
Full Attack: +8/+3 Heavy Mace (1d10+2, AP 6)
Special Attacks: Formation Combat (Heavy Infantry), Officer
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +2
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 13
Skills: Climb +6, Craft (alchemy) +6, Craft (herbalism) +6, Diplomacy +0, Gather Information +6, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana) +12, Perform (ritual) +3, Perform (soldier drills) +3, Search +13
Feats: Investigator, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Improved Disarm, Parry, Improved Bull Rush
Possessions: Mail hauberk, steel cap, shield, heavy mace


From Abulia, in the Darkwoods of Nemedia, Enaro was once a member of guards that were the protectors of ancient ways and methods and served his village of inbred Acheronians with an unmatched loyalty.

Once addicted to Upas Ambrosia, Enaro served Demophon, the sorcerer who supplied the drug to Abulia. He was sent after the Nemedian Princess Phaedra after she escaped into the woods. He led his men straight to the heels of the girl when met on the road by Dhak, Fuldonus, and Tullweim. The three travelers killed every one of Enaro’s men and their dogs. They knocked Enaro out and tied him to a tree to interrogate. Dhak threatened Enaro with a fate worse than death. Once Enaro answered their questions the Stygian placed his hand to Enaro’s face, looked him in the eye and drained Enaro of his senses. For a whole day Enaro was unconscious in the Darkwoods. When he awoke, the Upas Ambrosia had worn off and he could not break his binds. For another day and night he was tied to that tree going through extreme withdrawal. He hallucinated frequently but somehow managed to survive the dangers of the woods until he was found by two young villagers. The boy undid his bonds as his sister told Enaro of Demophon’s death. She then described the men who had murdered the sorcerer.

Enaro decided to leave the village to find the men who had freed Abulia of Demophon’s control. He tracked them to Numalia, where they were being hailed as heroes for returning the youngest princess, Nevesah to King Tarascus as well as a number of noble children to their families. It was in Numalia where Enaro signed up to join the Crimson Wolves.

Enaro served as a Master Sgt. in the Crimson Wolves, traveling for months with the sellswords, handling the day to day duties of the Nemedian Adventurers, fighting brigands, Ianthe’s royal soldiers, and cultists until he aided Cuana, Dhak, Tullweim, and Xacksmith in defeating the cult of Al’Kiir and put King Valentius on Ophir’s throne in Ianthe. Afterwards, Enaro wished his former commanders and friends farewell once what was left of the mercenary company disbanded. Then the mercenary joined Valentius’royal army and was ordered to Ophir’s southern border.


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