Cuana Mac Fael

Cimmerian Warrior (Barbarian:12/Soldier:2)



height: 6'9"

weight: 360

long, black hair, clean shaven with gray eyes, skin color = medium-pale.

Armor = leather    Damage Reduction = 6                 Defense (bonuses included)

Ability     Score     Mod                                                                        Base = 10

str             25            +6                                                                       Parry = 21 

dex           19            +4                                                                        Dodge = 23

con            21            +5                                       

int             13             +1

wis             14            +2                                                                   

cha            15            +2

Initiative (bonuses included) = 17


Saving Throws (no bonuses included)

fortitude = 14

Reflex = 13

Will = 6


(add +3 to fort & will saves while in Improved Crimson Mist)
*hit points:
132 (currently at 64)

  1. of attacks* 3,
    melee bonuses (1st attack) greatsword = 22, fists/standard melee weapon = +21(2nd attack) greatsword = +17, fists/standard melee weapon = +16(3rd attack) greatsword = +12, fists/standard melee weapon = +11
    d10+10 (greatsword+strength+2-hand weapon bonus)/d3+6 (fists+strength)/d6+7 (poniard + strength)
    Feats: 2 weapon combat, track, endurance, fighting madness, cleave, power attack, toughness, greater cleave, improved initiative, mobilty, die hard, versatility, savage cleave, fleet-footed, uncanny dodge, improved uncanny dodge, monster slayer, reckless attack combat manoeuvers: aim, bull’s charge, dance aside, force back, hooking parry, improvised attack, leave them for dead, masterful disarm, shield slam, to the hilt, death from above
    skills: bluff, climb(26), diplomacy, heal(3), hide(6), intimidate(12), jump(15), knowledge(local), listen(6/8), move silent(11/13), perform(1), ride(7), sense motive(3), spot(9/11), survival(5/7), swim(15),detect cheese(19), use rope (3), balance (2)
    Equipment/Items Carried – Akbitanan greatsword with black leather scabbard, belt, black breeches, black leather boots, black leather armor, 2 poniards, celery, waterskin, flint & steel, 3 torches Languages Spoken: Cimmerian, Aquilonian, Ophirean, Nemedian, Nordheimer, Pictish grunt-speak, Argossean, Hyrkanian
    code of honor = barbaric,
    reputation = 26, + ?
    XP = 85,116 + ?

Not wishing to spend the rest of his life felling trees and splitting timber, Cuana left his home in the wooded hills of Cimmeria while in his late teens. He spent some time as a soldier in the Border Kingdoms before leaving to spend his time seeking his fortune and seeing the world on his own. He recently served as a member of the Crimson Wolves, a band of mercenary soldiers headed by Tullweim den Morder. During this time, he rescued the heir to the throne of Ophir. The new king, King Valentius of Ophir, expressed his personal gratitude by gifting Cuana with a finely wrought, bejeweled greatsword. In addition, he and his companions were all made knights of the King, each receiving their own coat of arms. His experiences with the city-dwellers in both Ianthe and Tarantia have left him with a strong feeling of contempt for most such people, and his violent reaction to the slights of civilized folks has caused trouble for both him and his companions in the past. Despite the troubles he caused while in in Tarantia, the victory he and his companions won against the Picts in the westerlands won him a knighthood bestowed by King Conan himself. Cuana continued his exploits and adventures under the assumed name Malleus the Hammer while sailing as a privateer in the seas around Argos and beyond. He trusts very few people, but his hatred of both Picts and Stygians is almost legendary. Despite his uncivil nature, he has developed strong friendships with Tullweim, a massive barbarian Aesir, and Xacksmith, a strangely-named borderer from Hyrkania, trusting them both as he would a brother. Cuana comes from a large family, Mac Fael, which is part of the Clan Callan. As is common among Cimmerians, Cuana’s entire family are large in stature, and Cuana is as large as any of them. His full name (Cuana m’Fael na’Gcoill m’Callanindh) literally means ‘young hound, son of wolf, of the forest sept of clan Callan’ (pron: KOO-in-uh mih-FALE nuh-QWILL mih-CAL-lan-in). The modern-day equivalent of his name would be Cuana MacFael.

Cuana Mac Fael

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