Princess Raia

Dusky-skinned young Stygian princess, with strikingly straight features. The daughter of Khemi's governor, Prince Tamuneb, has seen little of the world outside Khemi and is naive about the landscape beyond Stygia except what Priests of Set have told her


Princess Raia was first encountered in the temple beneath the oasis of Bessu-Beshu. The adventurers rescued the princess from being sacrificed by a mad Stygian priest who had helped cultivate a cult of serpent-men in the temple. Raia knows there is more to the serpent-men’s plan as she overheard them speaking when they took her from Khemi to Bessu-Besu. They spoke of abducting King Ctesphon IV from her father’s palace on the night of the annual Festival of Set. The adventurers agreed to return the princess to Khemi and help save the Stygian king from death.


Princess Raia

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