Character Creation

To create a character for the Nemedian Chronicles campaign, players should follow the guidelines for Character Creation in Chapter 2 of the Conan the RPG 2nd Edition (starting on page 13). Starting out, nothing is restricted or banned. Play whatever race and class you think you will enjoy the most. There is no need to worry about specific character roles as in Conan the RPG a group can be just as effective when everyone is the same class or a different class and multi-classing is greatly encouraged. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ability Scores: Players will generate ability scores using the Heroic generation method. Your character starts with a score of 8 and you add 1d10 to each ability.

Codes of Honor: We’re all adults. I intend for this to be a heroic adventure, the party vs. the forces of darkness. Looting fallen foes and helping yourself to grateful maidens is part of being a hero in the Hyborian Age. However, if you feel that your character having no Code of Honor makes more sense, you are not forbidden from not taking a Code.

Equipment: Starting silver is based on Class and there is a table at the end of the Class chapter. If you can afford it, you can have it. This policy only applies to starting silver expenditures. Alternatively, you can take one of the Class kits if you don’t feel like micro-managing every single silver piece.

Starting Level: New PCs will start at one level below the lowest level PC currently in the party. So if the current lowest level PC is at 5th level, a new starting character would come in as 4th level.



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