Cuana Chapter 11 Entry 4

Malleus’ Journal

My recovery has been slow but steady, several areas upon my hide still somewhat tender from the fire that nearly killed me. I regained conciousness aboard the sloop that I had thought to commandeer from the Stygians, several days after leaving the island. We sailed to Argos, returning to Messantia to meet once again with King Conan’s contact, Argentio.

Argentio seemed glad to see us again, saying that he wished to speak with us regarding a matter of urgency. Recognizing the opportunity to replace the coins which all but vanished from our purses, we agreed to follow him to a large bath house where we would discuss the matter in detail. We were led to an area that had privacy screens set up as partitions to separate us from the rest of the larger chamber. Several benches were placed around the water, which filled a large, rectangular area sunk into the middle of the floor. Beautiful women – around a dozen of them – clad only in thin sashes and less, stood about bearing towels, soaps and oils, and large pitchers with which to assist anyone bathing who may be in need of a little extra attention. Having spent so much time aboard ships in recent weeks, the water itself didn’t draw my attention as much as did the ladies, but we needed to speak with Argentio, so I joined everyone else in piling my clothes and armor on a bench with my greatsword, still in the scabbard, at the far end of the room.



Cuana Chapter 11 Entry 4

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