Cuana Chapter 8 Entry 2


Timeon hired the Crimson Wolves for fifty percent more than original offer, paying us half up front and promising other half later on. Baron Timeon is spoiled, arrogant, and surrounds himself with gaudy trappings & trinkets that he seems to assume a wealthy aristocrat should own. He is small, fat, boisterous, condescending, and is often drunk. If barbarians are likened by city dwellers to be akin to dogs, Timeon makes the case that city dwellers can be likened to pigs. Nevertheless, he has enough wisdom to hire the Crimson Wolves for protection, providing us with the means to continue to fund the mercenaries. We were then able to pass back out the city gates, reunite with our men, retrieve our armor, and return to the city. Once back, we set up a base at Timeon’s estate.

While passing through Ianthe’s main trading area (known as Golden Circle) we saw King Valdric accompanied by General Iskandrian. The king looked very old, tired, and ill, and by contrast the general looked strong, vital, and of keen intellect despite his apparent age. Rumor has it that Iskandrian dislikes foreigners, especially mercenaries, and would rid the city of them entirely if allowed to do so.

We encountered band of sixty or so displaced & homeless people several days ride out from city, at first fearing that we were being set upon by bandits because they were approaching us quietly in the night. Once we learned the nature of their plight, Tullweim and I helped feed them by catching game (Tullweim felled a stag for them but all I could manage to catch was a rabbit). I gave them 100sp to buy what food & provisions they could and we sent them on their way, warning them to stay clear of Valentius’ land.

Baron Timeon passed much of the time by griping and moaning about Fabio’s ‘terrible’ cooking, often between mouthfuls of food. His dislike of the food in no way hampered his appetite, as the fat little porker ate every crumb presented him as if preparing to hibernate through a long winter.

After a nineteen day ride from the city we arrived at the gold mines. The place was actually a combination mine, fortress, and prison, its inmates used as slave labor. Timeon had the mule team loaded with gold ore, exchanged a few words with and received paperwork from the facility’s commander, and we began our ride back to city.

Two days into our return journey, the Crimson Wloves were attacked by armed cavalrymen. Early on in the fight, Dhak and the band of Wolves fighting with him were hit hard and they broke and fled. Xacksmith and his surrounding mercenaries were nearly killed in the battle, but they managed to hold until they could turn the tide. Wherever Tullweim went, the enemy died. I managed to knock one cavalryman unconcious & questioned him, learning that the cavalry belonged to Count Valentius, another noble of Ianthe and a sworn enemy of Timeon. Valentius was tipped off by the same group of refugees that we had assisted by capturing and questioning them, then selling them into slavery after relieving them of their meager posessions, including the money I gave them. Although those actions were not taken against me personally, I would very much like to retaliate against Valentius for selling those refugees into slavery. They came to us for aid, and we did what we could to help them. Now another of these petty lords has fattened his own coffers and larders by stripping them of both their posessions and their freedom. The local nobility appear in large part to be swine, just as they are in any other land I’ve visited.

The Crimson Wolves are still at least two weeks away from returning to Ianthe, and I expect we will encounter more attacks before returning. That could mean the loss of even more of our company, and more we will need to hire to flesh out our ranks again. It will be difficult to endure the dual condescentions of both a mouthy little Stygian and gluttonous Baron toper for the entire time it will take us to return to the city.



Cuana Chapter 8 Entry 2

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