Dark Dens of Iniquity

In Shadizar the Wicked, capital of Zamora, the party wishes to spend the wealth gained from Yara’s tower at a local brothel after selling loot to a fence. “City Guards” interfere with their revelry and the party is forced to flee through the streets naked and with only a few choice items. They find refuge in the merchant district of the city and a night-watchmen for a local inn allows them to stay in the common room in exchange for cleaning up the inns stalls. There the party encounters Machlevio, a Nemedian merchant who apparently has done well this day in Shadizar. Machlevio suggests an illegal knife duel with Tullweim and one of his guards. Tullweim wins and the party gets some clothing, arms, and ill-fitting armor. They are then approached by a group of Hyperboreans who were chatting with a Zamorian about stealing back the Holy Text of Derketo from a local noblewoman. Sex cults, sundered weapons, and a climactic battle ends when a succubus’ head gets chopped off by Fuldonus.

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Dark Dens of Iniquity

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