Dhak Act 1 Entry 1

Ahh the Turanians. Their outstanding virtue is that they always have need of a hired blade, no questions asked. As such did Dhak-Gnuul-Gorm find his employ with them on the open steppe far northeast of his native Stygia. By this point he had long since traded his stygian silks for the leather and scale corselet of the soldier and favored the battle ax for its brutal efficiency and ease of use, and of course the powerful war-bow of his homeland.

After weeks of boredom had come a skirmish with the Zuagir that was brutal and short, leaving a sole rebel taken prisoner.

He at first vainly denied to cooperate. No doubt this rebel scum thought his mental fortitude unassailable, clearly he had never seen the gleam in the eyes of a determined Stygian! in the end he happily betrayed his comrades rather than contemplate the promise of doom behind those flashing eyes.


Dhak Act 1 Entry 1

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