Horror in Numalia

An exiled noble is binding demons to scarecrows and places them for sale in Numalia, shipping them to the crowded bazaars. Once in the bazaars the demon-scarecrows began slaughtering the masses. Dhak, Fuldonus, Khereva, Tullweim, and Vespilla dispatched the scarecrows with little trouble, only to witness more animate. When the first scarecrow was destroyed, you found vines, and straw, but the interior of the scarecrow chest had human organs. Intestines mainly, wrapped around the vines and frames, and hidden within was a piece of cloth with a symbol on it. Also, when the burlap was removed from a scarecrows head underneath was a decapitated human head. The human heads were in varying states of decay. The heads all appeared to be foreigners, commonly used as slave stock in and around Nemedia and seemed to be ritually prepared (all had eyes and mouth sewn shut). The adventurers use fire as the means to halt the onslaught as a heavily armed man with a steed of horrific visage sped down the bazaar street and grabbed the young princess Nevesah. The steed sprouted wings and took flight, making pursuit impossible as the city watch arrived on the scene. The adventurers were ordered to submit for questioning, but split up to evade the watch. With no clues, Tullweim backtracked towards the bazaar where he encountered a priest of Mitra and was informed about similar kidnappings in the city.

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This is where I entered the campaign. My first time in Numalia, I was walking the streets and getting a look around when I saw a Stygian go racing past with the city watch hot on his heels. I followed out of curiosity, only to be stunned (along with the watchmen) by some type of magic cast by the fleeing Stygian, who was gone by the time anybody recovered. I would later recognize this Stygian as Dhak.

Vespilla was the first of the group that I met. She feared that her companion, Khereva, was being held in the Watch's jail house, so we came up with a scheme where I accompanied her to the Watch House, claiming to be her brother and looking for 'the dog that defiled my sister'. I eventually had to bribe a watchman to get a look in the cells, but we learned that Khereva was not being held.

I follwed Vespilla back to the Inn where she and her associates were staying. They were in the act of trying to convince an extremely intoxicated Fuldonus to stick around and not leave the group, but they were unable to do so. The rest of the adventure was carried out by myself, Tullweim, Khereva, and Vespilla. Among the highlights were my attempt to fight a demon which was completely unaffected by my weapons and witnessing a seemingly indestructable Nordheimer with a filthy codpiece being nearly roasted alive in the span of mere seconds. 


Horror in Numalia

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