Below are a number of NPCs with whom the PCs have interacted during the course of their adventures. NPCs with bold names are associated with quests that have not yet been completed.

Kush – Zabhela

Erithemes Artelios – Erithemes is a dedicated priestess of the goddess of Derketa, lady of the mysteries of death and maintains an active shrine to the goddess within her private compound. She loves her daughter, Tarethis, very much and is very protective. She has hired the adventurers to rescue Tarethis from the the Jullah cultists who have kidnapped her. (Female Chaga Kushite)

Rand Artelios – Artelios is an exile of Argos who has married into wealth and power in Kush. His latest venture involved the adventurers bringing him goods and a map from Messantia. He recently discharged the party from his services after insisting rescuing his stolen daughter was a lost cause. (Male Argossean)

Stygia – Khemi

Princess Raia – Rescued by the party, this young Stygian princess has overheard the serpent-men’s plot to overthrow Stygia’s king. She has recently asked the adventurers to escort her back to Khemi to help her warn King Ctesphon IV. (Female Stygian)

Shem – Ruins of Kaetta

Ishlan – Priest of Ibis on an expedition to uncover a lost Staff of Ibis. (Male Nemedian)

Saevio – Hired the characters in Messantia to travel to Shem, find and protect the Priest of Ibis, Ishlan. (Male Argossean)

Westermarck – Oriskonie Province

Lady Coelia – Rescued by the party, this beautiful Aquilonian noble has knowledge about the curious Staff of Dekanawidah. She has recently asked the adventurers to accompany her to a sacred grove of the Ligeureans to awaken the staff. (Female Aquilonian)

Sir Gasparusdeceased Aquilonian noble who has brought troops to reinforce the Westermarck from the Picts. He is considered a champion by the settlers, come to turn the tide of the battle. He has a reputation for being cruel, especially to his enemies. (Male Aquilonian)

Westermarck – Schondara

Baraccus – Bossonian ranger who is wanted in the Oriskonie province for the kidnapping of 3 women. He fled in the night before he could be caught but was found by the party in Schondara. (Male Bossonian)

Gaultdeceased Thandaran ranger the party met in Schondara. Gault led the party to Baraccus and died while handing the party an odd staff with instructions to take it north and not let it fall into Pictish hands. (Male Aquilonian)

Aquilonia – Tarantia

Daphnisdeceased Nemedian priest of Mitra who was instrumental in the parties success in Numalia. Recently had a falling out with the party and was murdered a few days later. (Male Nemedian)

Publius – Aquilonian High Chancellor, has charged the party with uncovering Daphnis’ murderer and the plot surrounding the death of the Mitran priest. (Male Aquilonian)

Arn – Pageboy to the High Chancellor. (Male Aquilonian)

Essenic – deceased Sellsword and cutthroat who murdered Daphnis and was summarily executed by the party. (Male Aquilonian)

Constanus – Mitran priest of some renown. He has inquired into the death of Daphnis and is certain Asurans are behind the murders in Tarantia. (Male Aquilonian)

Gaulan – Asuran priest who approached the party to proclaim his and his religions innocence in the Daphnis’ murder. He has aided the adventurers with information and supplies. (Male Aquilonian)

Caudius – Mitran priest and friend of Daphnis. He informed Dhak of the Mitran priest Barthias’ conversation with another priest about a ‘Brotherhood’ that killed Daphnis. (Male Aquilonian)

Barthias – Mitran priest who implicated Lord Nadanidus in the murder of Daphnis and the framing of the Asurans. (Male Aquilonian)



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