The World – The world in the Hyborian Age

Arenjun – City of Thieves in Zamora

Atlaia – Dense jungle country in the Black Kingdoms

Darkwood Forests – Haunted forest in Nemedia

Ianthe – Capital city of Ophir

Kaetta – Ruined city in Shem

Kharamun Desert – Hostile desert in Turan

Khemi – Stygian port city

Messantia – Capital city of Argos

Nahab – City-state in Corinthia

Numalia – Metropolitan city in Nemedia

Pictish Wilderness – Last Remnant of the Uncivilized West

Schondara – Frontier province in the Westermarck

Shadizar – Capital city of Zamora

Tarantia – Capital city of Aquilonia

Western Ocean – Large body of water

Zabhela – Kush port-city



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