The Black Stones of Kovag Re

In the ancient Zamoran city of Arenjun, Olenska, the stout, governor of the city of thieves has the party rounded up from a local tavern and pressed into service recovering his “kidnapped” bride. The party tracks the governor’s wife through dark woods that lead into a small village taken over by a two-bit thug named Ivonicus. Fuldonus and Tullweim attempt to parlay with Ivonicus when Dhak attempts to shoot him from the woods and misses. Ivonicus then attacks Fuldonus and Tullweim and is quickly trounced to the delight of the villagers. A young village boy guides the party into the mountains where they discover a fallen cart with robed corpses and eventually to a camp of “brigands.” The party attempts to sneak into the camp to find the governor’s bride when combat inevitably occurs. Soon after the combat has begun, the party and brigands are hailed by Olenska as he sits on horse atop a ridge with archers brought from the city, offering to spare everyone if they turn over the girl. The leader of the brigands refuses as does the woman as they are lovers and it is discovered she reviles Olenska and rushes to the caves in the mountains. Olenska’s men begin firing at everyone, including the party, which wisely decide to follow into the caves. Several small skirmishes are had by city soldier and brigand in narrow choke points until the party is pushed back as far into the caves as they can go, where stand large black stones. There the party and remaining brigands plan to make a stand and Olenksa’s men rush in. Blood is spilled on the black stones which come alive and attempt to crush everyone. Making a quick escape the characters flee the stones and Fuldonus throws Olenska into the collapsing walls. The “brigand” agrees to give some of his loot to the party as a reward for their aid.

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The Black Stones of Kovag Re

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