The Coming of Hanuman

Thrust into the turmoil of desert warfare in eastern Shem, the party are fighting alongside Turanian troopers rounding up rebel Zuagirs but there is something more sinister and supernatural going on when a Zuagir captive draws a map to their alleged camp and the party is sent to scout ahead. Near a ruined town they encounter a naked women fleeing from a large man-ape dressed in desert garb. More man-apes are discovered in the ruins, Zuagir captives are rescued and the Turanians and Zuagir rebels engage on the desert, with the man-apes joining the fray. In the end, one of the captives reveals he is responsible for the intelligence the man-apes possess, and informs the party that killing him will cause the magic which enchants the creature to fail. Without a second thought Dahk kills the captive which causes a spectacular magic backlash on the head man-ape and causes the other man-apes to become simple once again. The Turanian army is vanquished, the few Zuagir rebels give their thanks to the party and Fuldonus swears allegiance to the Zuagir rebels.

For days now the Stygian Soldier Dhak, Bossonion Soldier Fuldonus, and Aesir Barbarian Tulweim had traveled through the harsh deserts and steppes of the Turanian-Shemite border. Nobody ever said that serving as scouts for the Turanian army was going to be a nice ride, nor did the mercenaries have any illusions about finding the hidden Zuagir rebels quickly, much less in their own territory. However, it has indeed been a difficult journey, wearily trudging these barren lands where no shade falls, no food grows and none of the hired men-of-arms are welcome. Oh yes, Turan may hold the rule here, but it does not hold the people’s loyalty. Then again, that is precisely the reason why the mercenaries are here. That is the job that brought them to the deserts of Shem, two silver pieces a week plus meals – to help the Turanian army find the Zuagir insurgents and stamp out their rebellion. No indeed, nobody said this was going to be a nice ride. The mercenaries’ ponderings are interrupted by the sudden blare of war horns and the yells of mercenary officers.

-The Zuagirs! The Zuagirs! -In formation, sons of camels! -Charge!! Tarim smite you, chaaaaaarge!!!

The mercenaries scrambled to obey at least some of the orders, and saw the Turanian company commander, Mahath Agha, fiercely charging the desert nomads with his personal guard. With their time in this company they’d found this man’s courage to be a match only by his arrogance. Everyone in the company rushed as they must immediately follow the Agha to battle with the Zuagirs.

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The Coming of Hanuman

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