The Pit Where Mad Things Drum

Among a small enclave of Acheronians in the Darkwoods of Nemedia has arisen a minstrel named Demophon who has seen strange things in visions and, according to him, drug-induced trips to the Outer Voids. He has touched an intelligence from ages long dead to time, and that intelligence speaks to him – it is the voice of Kathulos of Atlantis, whom the minstrel merely calls β€˜the Master.’ The minstrel has begun a dark cult to worship a recovered mummy from the age before the oceans drank Atlantis. To create a new empire of darksome worship, the mad minstrel has been kidnapping or luring the sons and daughters of powerful nobles with the intent of presenting them to the Master, who turns them into assassins. He hooks them on dark drugs, then, when they are broken by their unnatural cravings he cures them with a golden elixir – an elixir that binds the unfortunate victim more surely than ever before, even while granting them superhuman strength. To this end, he has caught two of the younger daughters of the King of Nemedia and bound them to his peculiar drugs. Using powerful sorcery, he has embedded a command within the heart of the elder of the royal siblings to assassinate the king.

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The Pit Where Mad Things Drum

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