Tullweim Act 2 Entry 1

The three had broken from their mercenary positions and headed to Zamora, a filthy city filled with rot and waste. The stink of offal filled the air everywhere the mighty Tullweim stepped. Still clad in light cloth and steel cap he walked about with his new commrades. They found themselves drunk at a tavern and being woken with the butt end of a pike. City guard (if you could call them that) had decided to wake the mighty barbarian from his drunken slumber. He scowled at them and they tried to force him up. They spit upon him, and this caused his mind to rage. He lunged and was brought to the ground with a sweep. Once again he got up and went for the man who had insulted him and was once again brought to the ground.

This was not a winnable battle, and it was time to rethink strategy. Tullweim stood and was reluctant but allowed himself to be taken in. The three were brought before a disgusting toad of a man who’s perfumes were splashed on thick to cover the scent of his over-ripe flesh. The govenor of this filth city. But he had a proposition, and it involved spendable moneys, and the barbarian was only so happy to hear the foul man out.

The task was to travel into the mountains and bring his bride back to him, easy enough. The trek into the mountains was uneventful until approaching a small town cowering under the control of some brigand. Dhak is sent in to speak with the brigand who, during negotiations, is attacked from the trees by Fulldonis’ arrows. The man rushes the Bossonian but upon his arrival realizes his mistake as the mighty Tullweim and stout Fulldonis end his life. The brigand dead, Tullweim takes the massive sword weilded by the man and begins to handle it, feel it’s weight and grip. Smiling at his new addition, the group joins together with Dhak who has managed to procure a scout boy.

The scout boy leads the three up the mountain path and to a camp, where the group rush in for battle, only to be double crossed by the toad govenor. The camp they had planned to attack was actually the true beloved of the “bride”. The men in the camp made a hasty retreat into a cave at their backs. The three followed and entered a cavern filled with massive stones. Tullweim wondered at the odd structures, but did not have much time to stand agape in awe, for the govenor’s men were closing in fast. As the battle spilled into the room, blood sprayed onto the stones and they sprung to life, grinding, jumping, spinning, gnashing. There was little to be done, but to fight amid the horror of the stones.

Tullweim pushed his way back into the tunnel away from the monoliths and noticed Fulldonis had the govenor himself within his grasp. With but a glance at each other, Fulldonis threw the govenor into the room with the stones and they watched him panic and heard him scream as he was ground into paste by the living rocks. The party emerged and the leader of the mountain brigands agreed to pay the three for their efforts. They gladly accepted and decided to make their way onward, thankful to still be alive.


Tullweim Act 2 Entry 1

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