Tullweim Act 3 Entry 1

The tower, we had all seen it, massive in stature. It’s name was spoken in hushed tones, uttered in broken fearful sentances. But one man spoke of it to the three. He had a plan, and it involved green lotus as the first part, and the second was to break into the tower using said lotus powder and collect the Heart of the Elephant. All of this in trade for safe passage out of the city. Well, Tullweim was happy to take up the task, all too happy to leave this filth hole behind for greener paths and bluer skies.

The first task was to collect the Lotus dust. It was rumored that a caravan was holding such a treasure within the city. And plans were made to advance on it that night with the aid of a theif that had recently started tagging along with the three. The party made their way that night into the holding arena for the caravan. There it was decided that while Tullweim and Fulldonis made a distraction the others would sneak in and take the dust. Fulldonis went in closer as Tullweim stood beside the cattle pen, ready to startle the bovines into stampede at a moments notice. The wait seemed long, but soon enough came a signal from Fulldonis and Tullweim took his sword and with the flat of it, struck the nearest cow. The beast bellowed and jumped, startling the others and causing a stampede into the caravan, covering the escape of the rest of the group, along with the green lotus.

The four of them then made quick plans to scale the wall and rush into the tower keep at night. So, clad in his leathers and bearing a massive sword that took 2 hands to wield, Tullweim scaled the wall with the others and dropped into the jungle below. Eyes gleamed from them at odd angles from out in the trees. A slow advance proved foolish as the party was beset by lions. The fight was quickly going south when they were forced to retreat up along the wall once more to recover hastily. The thief who had recently joined in the group decided to use the green lotus by dumping it into the lion’s den.

A short while later the party dropped back into the makeshift jungle and crossed it to the next wall, mending was done to wounds and the wall was scaled. Guards along the inside of the second wall were seen marching about on their guard. An attmept was made to clear the wall stealthily but Tullweim’s massive feet landed in the trap of ceramic shards below.

Bandaging his cut feet and grunting out a Nordic curse the towering Aesir continued his way followed by others to the opposite wall of the keep where angry vines grew. The vines were a minor distraction as the party of theives made their way further into the keep and into the sleeping quarters of the guards of this monsterous keep.


Tullweim Act 3 Entry 1

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