Tullweim Chapter 1 Entry 1

Along this desert land came the Nordheimer Tullweim. Clad in sparce cloth and shaggy blond hair. His pale skin pink in the overbearing sun. An arming sword at his side and a steel cap upon his head. He had shed his northerner clothing when realizing the unfortunate effects of the overbearing heat. Strong as an ox, and even more stout, towering over most of the other men in the mercenary camp who had likely never had the pleasure to make the aquaintance of an Aesir.

His barbaric mind hungered for combat, and blood it would feast upon. A conflict with mounted Zuagir soldiers sated his hunger for a bit as he cleaved limbs from their owners. In the end only a single man was taken alive.

Information was gleaned from this prisoner pertaining to a settlement in the mountains. Tullweim and some other mercenaries were sent ahead to check. They found a beautiful woman fleeing a horrid man-ape. Tullweim, the Stygian, and the Bossonian took up arms against the beast and brought it low. The woman was the survivor from the aformentioned ruins. She pleaded for help and the three decided upon actions that would lead them to the ruined village. Upon their arrival the ruins were overrun with the man-apes. The three infiltrated and rescued the survivors including an old man who was chief.

Before long the Turanians and the Zuagir soldiers entered battle, and within this battle the beasts struck slaying many a man. But from the dirt and kicked up sand the old man confessed his sins as the creator of the man-ape infection and with the Stygian slaying him, the beasts became beasts once more and fled the site. Tullweim had found a fair group to ride with.


Tullweim Chapter 1 Entry 1

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