XP Policies

General Policy

The GM awards experience points via email after completion of each adventure (usually the next day). This provides him with a way to keep track of how much XP he has doled out to each character. The bulk of XP will come from Story Elements completed and Skill Challenges, although valor in combat will supplement the awarded amount.


Each player who submits a one page (or more) journal entry from their character’s point of view (via email or Obsidian Portal) before the next game session will be awarded a Fate Point. If all sessions in a chapter have journals entries, an additional 10% to the total XP awarded for the chapter will be given.

Missing Sessions

In an ideal world, there would be no need to have a standing policy on this situation. This is not an ideal world. If the story situation allows for it (at the GM’s discretion), a character whose player misses a session will not be involved in the game session. As such, that character will not receive any XP for that session. If it does not make sense to extract a PC from the session (an extended dungeon crawl, for example), that character will be run by another player but will receive 25% of the XP awarded to the other characters. A character’s player has final say on which other players are allowed to run his character.

Last Updated 07.01.08


XP Policies

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